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4 lessons | on 4 fascinating topics

✅ Ritual Alchemy

✅ Alchemy of the Body, of the States of Consciousness, and Construction of Magical Tools

✅ Alchemy of Time

✅ Alchemy and subtle creatures: the Chimeras

Each lesson contains a theoretical part and a guided exercise

Find out how alchemical practices can help you awaken the divine within you!

Why participate?

You will be introduced to Alchemy, and you will have direct experience of some of the most fascinating fields in which this matter is expressed: Ritual Alchemy, Alchemy of the Body, of the states of Consciousness and Construction of Magical Tools, Temporal Alchemy, Chimeras. We are at the gates of a new era that brings to us new lifestyles, new energies and another level of awareness. It is possible to be reborn, healed and transformed using the ancient knowledge of Alchemy, a magical art that allows us to express our divine aspect. Immerse yourself in this ancient knowledge and activate your deepest and most precious potentials.

For Spiritual Researchers and Alchemists of Being

Your trainers

Instructors and Co-Founders of the Damanhur School of Alchemy

Tucano Noni

Co-Founder and Teacher

Damanhur Alchemy School

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Ragno Lattuga

Co-Founder and Teacher

Damanhur Alchemy School

Gazza Solidago

Co-Founder and Teacher

Damanhur Alchemy School


First Lesson

Ritual Alchemy

  • What the archetypal language of Magic consists of

  • How to empower your state of ritual presence

  • The use of geometries and gestures of the magical tradition

Second Lesson

Alchemy of the body, of the states of consciousness and magical tools

  • How to use the body as an alchemical laboratory

  • How to raise your state of consciousness and recharge yourself

  • What is a magical tool and how to build it

Third Lesson

Time Alchemy

  • Time as an alchemical substance and as an actual territory

  • How to manipulate time to create a chosen and evolutionary future

  • The nature of time and its magical uses

Fourth Lesson


  • The subtle entities called Chimeras, their history and their magical function

  • Use of chimeras to explore borderlands

  • The role of chimeras in the expansion of consciousness

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